Thursday, November 20, 2008

Movie: Quantum of Solace

We were fortunate enough this past Saturday to sneak into a showing of Quantum of Solace, the newest in the long-running sequence of James Bond films. We have traditionally loved the 007 movies; they are an excellent mixture of enticing plot, intriguing gadgets, and exploding foes. We were unsure about the newest actor playing Bond, Daniel Craig. Piers Brosnan, Sean Connery, and Roger Moore all did excellent jobs, but Craig has been said to be 'lacking suave.' After Casino Royale, and now Quantum of Solace, we would agree with that judgment, but also add that Craig has added new depth to the character, which we like to see.

At the end of Casino Royale, Bond has been betrayed by his love Vesper, and begins soon thereafter, with Bond in full revenge mode. He spends the whole movie acting irrationally and wildly because of his desire for revenge, we like this aspect of the movie. What we don't like is a longer list. The action is too fast in this film, we could hardly keep track of who was in the fight, let alone who is winning or who is tied to the ceiling. The villian was far from villianous, and the plot's grand scheme lacked some serious scheming and deviltry.

Quick vote: This movie was meh. We enjoyed the old popcorn crusted to the floor more than the film, but that's actually a higher bar than you may think. We'd recommend you see it once, but no more than that.

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