Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blogs: Room 101

Have you ever heard of Lil' Whizzy? My parents coined the term as a nickname one road trip after learning that Urban Dictionary defines a whizzy as: a gay fool who no-one likes; e.g. 'Whizzy, get off me.' Also found in the Mims song, This is Why I'm Hot.. But it's become a term of endearment as well. We were very excited to see one of our fav peeps get a blog, especially a blog so determined to focus on the real issues, like when are the ski lifts going to open? Room 101 is an interesting insight into the world of the young human male, and we're not going to divulge Lil Whizzy's true identity, because would Snoop Dogg want that? Look into his eyes. We don't think that he would.

"the second place worst thing thing that could have happened would be if i would have farted on my date, because for some reason i get so much gas when girls are around go figure. that was a close second."
--backyard rock stunts

"Room 101 is the worst thing imaginable for you, so for example the main character of the book, winston, is taken to the room and they put his face in a big mask deal and then they let these baby eating rats loose to bore through his face."
--room 101

Quick vote: If that's not enough to get you reading, we don't know what else we could possibly do. The blog is nascent, to be sure, but we're very excited to see what it will blossom into.

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