Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TV: The Flight of the Conchords

We rented season 1 of The Flight of the Conchords on DVD last week, and we've been giggling to ourselves ever since. The show plays on HBO, which is usually scary, but there were no naked humans (Gross!) that we saw... The show is about a band, The Flight of the Conchords, made up of two guys from New Zealand, who come to New York to get their band big on the American scene.

This show combines some of our very favorite components. It is funny (dry, British humor), has musical elements (They burst into song, musical style, several times per episode. Also, they are always playing gigs and practicing their songs.), and is suprising. We love this show!

Quick vote: This show is hilarious. It is one of our new favorites!

Aunt Izzie's Wiz-ord: I used to be in a band. I was their mascot. But they kicked me out because I wasn't 'tough' enough. My butt-bow probably didn't help me street cred.

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Jinx said...

When I first heard Flight of the Conchords was getting an HBO show, I was hopeful that it would be great, but nervous that it would be a flop. I was already a big fan of the music/comedy, but wasn't sure how well it would translate into a weekly show. I was so relieved when I saw my first episode. While I think I still generally prefer their comedy routines to the television show, both are great!