Friday, September 12, 2008

Blogs: Cake Wrecks

Today's blog was brought to our attention by our friend Sarah Reale and is yet another, 'mock the people around us for their stupidity' type of blog. But instead of mocking the Average Joe for his once again mistaking their for they're, it's mocking professional cake makers. That's right, you heard us, professional cake makers. People send in their cakes that are made with the wrong things written in icing (Mom Flash Aunt instead of Mom/Aunt or Phillip That That That Wohoo! instead of Phillip... Wohoo!) or perhaps a cake that is just too bizarre to ever have been made, like this cake head, thanks to edible image printing.

Quick vote: This is a pretty fun blog to look at. Always seems to be good for a chuckle, though since we don't really have any cake making skills, we can't mock the makers with the abandon we reserve for grammar and spelling mistakes.

Oh, and happy birthday Aunt Headie!!! If we could cook, we would make you a cake just like this, but with beer inside to celebrate your 21st.

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