Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Music: For My Friends by Blind Melon

Our dad is a long-term Blind Melon fan, so when they came out with a new cd a few months ago, he bought it right away. It's taken us a while to get around to listening to it, but we were glad that we did. Blind Melon is typically a bit too hard for our tastes, something we enjoy in moderation, but not something that we would listen to on a daily basis. This new album, however, is a whole different creature. It's less Blind Melon and more a Blind Melon/Bright Eyes/Spoon amalgamation. We really like it.

"I went drivin' today,
Couldn't help but think of how
You're with somebody else,
And now you've got a child.

It's been a few years
Since I saw you last.
I know you're doin' fine,
You don't miss the broken glass."
--Tumblin' Down

"Scratch my eyes out for you,
Strap dynamite to my sides.
Shed a carcass for you,
Oh, empty out my soul.
I'm begging you, just give me a chance.
Stick with me and we'll see the rest.

Oh, I'm paralyzed.

I'll carve your name here in my chest,
Kill for you, and nothing less.
I'll burn alive no second thoughts,
Just to hear your scratchy voice,
Your scratchy voice."
--Harmful Belly

Quick vote: This album is fun and funky, we really enjoyed listening to it.

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