Wednesday, September 3, 2008

TV: 90210

We tuned in last night for the highly anticipated remake show, 90210.  (A remake of Beverly Hills 90210.)  We are too young (since we were unborn) to have watched the original show, so some of the allusions were lost on us.  It seemed that there were several characters on the original show returning to grace this show, and some old drama resurfaced, but we didn't really care much about that.

Annie and Dixon are brother and sister (though he is, shhh big secret, adopted) and moving into BH from Witchita, Kansas.  (Evidently, Farmsville USA.)  They arrive on the scene and are stunned by the, there's no better way to say this, richiosity of everyone around them.  The acting was weak and cheesy, but we sorta liked it.  The ingenue, Annie Wilson, bugs hardcore.  Somehow everyone hates her, and then because she is really smiley and naive, everyone adores her.  And then everyone hates her because, and we are the authorities here, she acts like a bitch.  We enjoyed it, but we'd much prefer an episode of Gossip Girl anyday.  (BTW: Did you see that season premier?  Killer.)

Quick vote:  Not a cimematical masterpiece, but we'll probably end up tuning in for more, just to see how everything pans out.

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