Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Politics: Sarah Palin

We won't lie to you, we're getting sucked into the election again. With the entry of Sarah Palin as John McCain's VP pick, we're once again excited about the voting process. We once again diverge to tell you our true emotions concerning this subject.

Maggie's Opinion: Finally, a bitch in the White House! And such a well-bred one at that. I love her stand on economic issues, she loves free-market capitalism and so do my daddy and me! She's has awesome support of bitches, er, women, and I support her highly conservative pro-life stance. (No aborted puppies!) I don't appreciate her legislature to include creationism as an option in the school system, that's what Doggie Church is for, but I do like her opinions of energy policies and local oil-drilling, something she should know a lot about. Overall, I'm excited about her as a candidate, or co-candidate rather. I think that including her on the ticket will be the best shot that McCain will have towards entering those white gates where all the most regal doggies play...

Sammi's Vote: I can't believe this woman. First off, let's talk about the pregnant daughter scandal; and she's supposed to be conservative? Not with all those illegitimate puppies running around all over the place, she's not. She opposes stem cell research that would help many doggies that are sick or dying. She opposes legalizing marajuana, which really hurts my burgeoning pot business, though she confessed to smoking it herself when it was legal under Alaskan law. In conclusion, it seems like she is just a big fat, baby-making hypocrite. Dogs for Obama!

Quick vote: Sarah Palin is very divisive, especially among bitches.

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