Friday, September 5, 2008

Computers: Chrome

Well, it's happened.  Google has begun its huge strides towards owning your soul!  They decided to start with Chrome, their new web-browser.  Faster than Mozilla Firefox (our previous browser), more compatible than Windows IE, and trendier than Opera... It's Chrome!!!  (Soul-controlling device sold separately.) 

Though we have always been incredibly happy with Mozilla's line of products including Mozilla, Camino, and Firefox; (As well as content with Safari and IE.) we decided to download Chrome and give it a whirl.  Why not, it's free?!  (Doesn't that sound like a horror flick tagline to you?)  So far we've enjoyed the interface, especially the tabs bar that brings up your top websites whenever you open a new tab.  We enjoy the simplicity of the browser, focusing on the content of the websites.  It does seem to be buggy, however.  For instance, Chrome does not allow us to scroll upward with our scroll wheel.  Down, yes.  Up, no.  There have been other little mishaps such as that, but as of yet we've seen no compatibility problems.

Quick vote:  This is a fun browser, but maybe wait until it's out of beta to switch over completely.  But if you are still interested, you can download it here.

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