Thursday, September 11, 2008

Movie: Sleepless in Seattle

As mentioned previously in the week, our parents just returned from a trip to the Big Apple and we've been thinking about it all week. As such, we thought we would watch the iconic Sleepless in Seattle (now available on Hulu) especially for the Empire State Building Scene.

We hadn't seen this movie in a long time, so it was surprising to us how very cheesy it really was. Sleepless, seems to be the precursor to many movies about the internet, where two people fall in love without ever meeting each other and for some reason or another, can't meet or whatever. (A perfect example of this would be another Hanks/Ryan classic, You've Got Mail.) Eventually, they fall in love, meet each other, and the son, Jonah, is happy in the end to have a new mother. There were many anachronisms, especially in New York, clothing styles, and the whole flight scenario (obviously pre-9/11).

Quick vote: This is a classic love story that portrays New York in a wholly romantic light. It was fun to re-watch it!

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