Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Movie - Zombieland

Being social bitches tapped into the zeitgeist of America, we went to see the movie Zombieland in theaters. We laughed so hard we peed a little bit. Actually, Maggie is constantly dribbling, she has incontinence issues. Thanks to a drug called Proin, however, Maggie can leave a relatively normal life only dribbling when things get extra funny, extra scary, or extra sloshy.

Naturally, we broke into Dad's Amazon account (for the Prime) and pre-ordered Zombieland - he really doesn't know how to choose a strong password. Amazon Prime has changed our lives. We no longer have to wait around for ground delivery, but get our hearts desire delivered in 2 days.

Zombieland is a masterpiece. It's a funny movie, but in a unique and quirky way. Mostly we love the gore. Usually, humans shy away from gore. It's as if they are ashamed of their innards. We relish the guts of cats, birds, and any animals really. We particularly enjoy Spring hikes where we can stick our snouts into the carcasses of animals who didn't make the winter. So it was nice to see a movie that showed the truth for once - the world from our perspective.

See, the movie is pretty awesome! It wasn't even too long, we only had to pause it once for Sammi to run outside and go pee. Watch it on Blu-ray today!

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