Wednesday, October 8, 2008

TV: House

Recently, we've been watching the Fox television show, House. We're big fans of medical dramas, but after a time they can get stale. This show has elements that keep the ball rolling as well as incorporating fun and interesting science into the mix, which we love! If you need a qualified doggy doctor, (Not a veterinarian, a doctor that is a dog.) we've got two dogs that would love the opportunity!

Dr. House is an eccentric doctor who is also a brilliant diagnostician. He works with a smart and sassy team to diagnose difficult illnesses. He's rude. Really really rude and sexist. Sometimes that bothers us, but usually we find it pretty fun.

Quick vote: We like this show, it's smart and fun. But we wouldn't stay home from the dog park to watch it. The dog park is awesome.

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