Monday, October 13, 2008

Book: The World Without Us by Alan Weisman

We've heard a lot about this book lately, and finally picked it up at the urging of others. The World Without Us is a nonfiction thought book about what would happen to the world if the humans in it suddenly disappeared (not through nuclear war but perhaps a rapture or some sort of disease that destroys all humans and no one else). What would happen to our cities, our puppies, and our world? Alan Weisman has talked to geologists, biologists, archeologists, and other scientists to paint the picture for our future.

This book started out incredibly, we loved the descriptions of cities collapsing and the homes that all of us had built crumbling around the world. And then the book diverged into more historical descriptions and became less fascinating. It ended with a ridiculous admonition to bring down our birthrate to one child per family.

Quick vote: This book was interesting, but less compelling and more preachy than we had hoped.

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