Thursday, October 23, 2008

Movies: WALL-E

When our father was traveling in the Philippines, he had the opportunity to bring us back a special gift; pirated dvds! One of these movies was the new Disney/Pixar project, WALL-E. We had heard a lot about the movie, specifically that it was a propaganda campaign against capitalism (A concept which we love, by the way. Yea, buying stuff!). So we were a tad wary of it, but excited for newest Pixar film, which are always quite good.

WALL-E is a robot assigned the task of compacting and organizing all of the trash on earth after humans have abandoned it. He goes through his life leisurely working, hanging out with his pet cockroach, and collecting interesting things he finds in the trash heaps. Suddenly, a spaceship lands nearby and everything changes...

Quick vote: We were worried that Al Gore would come screaming out at us through this movie, but the propaganda wasn't nearly as bad as we had suspected. Also, the movie was fun, cute, and amusing. We definitely recommend it!

Aunt Kenya's Philosopy: Humans are destroying this earth at an alarming rate. Movies like WALL-E and An Inconvenient Truth are so apt that they are being ignored. If humans were to put an intelligent dog, say me, in charge of running things, the world would be restored to its previous glory and doggies would rule the WORLD!!!


Jinx said...

Your father was traveling in the Philippines?!? If he goes again and doesn't mind the request, I'll pay him double, nay triple, his costs to buy a couple of select canned food items there for me!

Cassandra Anne said...

He'll probably go again sometime next year, we'll let you know!