Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Music: TAL on the Economy

Even though our father is an economist, this whole economic crisis mumbo jumbo is beyond us. There are a lot of terms being thrown around, but thanks to this lovely man (Ira Glass) and his lovely radio program (This American Life), we've gotten a hold of this situation and its litany of vernacular. We recommend these shows for your knowledge and learning about this crisis.

The Global Pool of Money Show -- All about the housing market and the mortgaged backed securities crisis.

The Enforcers Show -- The second half is about naked short selling (Yeah, we didn't know what this was before listening to this show either.) and the role of the SEC in the current crisis. And the first half was pretty fun as well, but not about the financial crisis.

Another Frightening Show About the Economy Show -- A breakdown of what has happened in the past month or so and a breakdown of the congressional bail-out. Is it good or is it bad for us?

A Better Mousetrap 2008 Show -- The second of three parts of this show is about the how inventors created incredible financial mousetraps, a pretty interesting segment.

Quick vote: If you've been wandering, lost in a sea of economic terminology and confusing financial hash, we've got the solution for you. Check these out!

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