Wednesday, December 5, 2007

TV: Samatha Who

Samantha Who? (now airing on Monday nights on ABC) is a ridiculous television show. The characters are poorly developed and the entire plot-line (Samantha is a witchy, career-driven woman who gets into a car accident, losing her memory. She is then forced to re-experience all of life, finding out what ice cream she likes [mint chocolate chip], her allergies [oregano], and her fears [elevators].) rings of a soap opera, and the jokes are ridiculous one-liners that have been spoiled by trailers ten times over before the show airs.

But what can we say, we're dogs! We don't have the best of judgments... Christina Applegate is adorable, and we find ourselves chuckling at her naivitee. We look forward to watching the show on on Tuesday mornings.

Quick vote: A cute show. Not great, but fit to watch while waiting for your owners to come home. (And while chewing on the tv remote...)

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