Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Music: The Rascals Have Returned

Trevor Hall's album The Rascals Have Returned is one of our all-star favorites. About a year ago, we went to a concert in park city where he opened for the John Popper Project (a project of the Blues Traveler artist). We fell in love with his lyrical honesty and simply beautiful musical talents.

Since then, he has released a single for the new Shrek movie and seems to be working on a new album.

"See the day God let men shake hands
And allowed women to give birth;
Is the day the devil stuck his flag in the ground,
And declared it his turf.
And at night he goes to sleep,
But without closing his eyelids;
Like a junkie found dead
Under the docks of Coney Island.
And he promises to speak the truth,
And then he lies again....

Aw, it's venemous, yes; venemous, yes.
No but we're talking about the devil,
What have you come to expect."
-Venemous (Not on this album, but one of our fav's.)

"Violence is bringing us down,
It's bringing us six feet under ground.
When we think we're alive and breathing,
When we're talking we're actually screaming.
Whenever we make a change, things need to be rearranged.
I don't want to live the rest of my life hiding in shame.
And can't you see the child's eyes, are you really that blind?

You're leaving nothing for the youth,
Just the proof of destruction."
- Proof of Destruction

Quick vote: His lyrics are incredible and his musical is beautiful. This man in so talented, and we think that y'all should listen to him!

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