Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Music: Happenstance by Rachael Yamagata

This cd was lent to us a few weeks ago by a friend, and we haven't been able to stop listening to it since. Oddly reminiscent of Fiona Apple, Rachael Yamagata's voice is simultaneously bold and ethereal. Her songs are well written, and catchy; sounding fresh and Gothic at the same time.

"And they'll dress you up for the flight
Like Ophelia, you wave goodnight
With the earth and sky you cheer and sigh
Writhe as your days go by
And laugh as you die."
-- Paper Doll

"Time passes by while I wait for your call
Time passes by; I hear nothing at all.

And I'm afraid and I can't breathe
And I'm in love with you,
But you are not with me
And I have put so much into a life
I made too much about you now to lie."
--Letter Read

Quick vote: We really like Rachael Yamagata, and we recommend this album.

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