Thursday, December 6, 2007

Movies: A Christmas Story

For the sake of holiday spirit, we've decided to review a lovely holiday film today. Unlike films such as, The Santa Clause III, and Fred Claus, yesteryear (which we were unfortunately not live for, being 2.5, and 1.4 years of age) had quality Christmas cinematography. Films such as It's a Wonderful Life, those clay-mation Frosty/Rudolf films, and A Christmas Story are iconic and memorable.

A Christmas Story chronicles a young boy growing up in suburbia surrounded by his immature brother, his perfectionist mother, and his DIY father; and his desire for the best Christmas gift ever -- a BB gun. The film follows many classic male childhood events (e.g. caught swearing, sticking tongues to lamp posts in the winter, and fighting the neighborhood bully). It is hilarious, adorable, and heart-warming; a Christmas classic!

Quick vote: "Deck da haws wiff boughs of haw-wee, fa wa wa wa wa, wa wa, wa WA!!!!" See this film.

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