Thursday, December 13, 2007

Movies: Ferngully: The Last Rainforest

As a joke gift, our family recently ended up with a copy of Ferngully, which some of our older readers may recall from their childhoods. The film chronicles a group of fairies living in a rainforest who become endangered because of Evil Loggers that come to steal away their habitat.

We were amazed at this film. In a time where Global Warming is a catchphrase, and living in a city where you're in the minority if you don't drive a hybrid car (87% of which are Prii [plural of Prius]); shows like this (e.g. Hoot) are the norm. Ferngully, written years ago, belongs to this era. The indoctrination of children into a fear of not recycling and into donating to SUWA and the Sierra Club begun many many years ago.

We wonder if Al Gore watched this film as a child....

Quick vote: A fascinating trip down memory lane. If you watched this show as a child, we recommend you get a hold of a new copy and re-watch, at least for reminiscence's sake.

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