Friday, March 5, 2010


This is our 400th post, quite an achievement for two bitches with nothing but free time, quick wits, and an iMac. We started writing this blog back in November of 2007 to show the world that dogs are capable of critical analysis. We are smart, savvy bitches who are pleased to bring the world our critiques, our words, and our fragrant doggie gases. We hope to bring you many more meaningful posts in the future.

But for now, we thought we'd leave you with a photo essay to celebrate this achievement. We spend a lot of time working on this blog, but rarely are shown doing so. Enjoy! Also, we would like to thank our mother and her Nikon for capturing the essence of our blogging spirit.

Maggie is thoughtfully reading her Kindle. Maggie's book reviews are always apt and poignant.

Sammi is rocking out to her iPod. Her musical palate is vast, but she is very critical. No Britney Spears for Sammi, though Brit makes a great bitch!

Maggie is enraged by yet another left-leaning politico's take on the recession. When will they embrace her progressive libertarianism?

Somedays, there just is no inspiration. In times like this, we lay in the exact same way and sigh in exasperation.

Sammi is diligently typing another blogpost. Bluetooth keyboards are a dream for blogging bitches!

Thank you for your support. We love writing for you.

The Bitches of Judgment
(Maggie & Sammi)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from one hot bitch to two others!

I look forward with the sweetest doggie breath to 400 more.

I thoroughly enjoyed your blog on dog obesity. It reminded me that while human food is so tasty (I'm even okay with eating tin foil when it is the only way to get to the chocolate inside), I will keep my trim waistline by sticking to the high quality specialty food my parents provide.

There is another dimension to human food you may consider discussing--the way they use their food to manipulate our behavior. I feel ashamed to like it so much I'm willing to twirl around, roll on the ground and sit in silence to get it. (Even while I write this I can't get the sound of bells out of my head; and damn this drooling!)

I haven't been reading your blog long enough (I haven't been alive long enough) to know if you have addressed dog fashion in addition to your insightful commentary on politics, literature and society.

My mom loves dressing me in doggie designer fashion; although, "the handler" disapproves. Were dogs meant for high fashion, or should we always be au naturel?

Keep writing! You bring respect and honor to dogs everywhere.

Your bitch always,

Sugar the Maltese