Wednesday, November 7, 2007

TV: It's Always Sunny in Philidelphia

Wednesdays are TV Show review days...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
is one of our new favorite TV shows, and a great recommendation to more mature audiences. The show has an amazing capacity to approach a touchy subject (molestation, underage drinking, crack, etc..) and push the limit leaving you simultaneously laughing very hard and cringing.

The show is about a set of twins in their early-thirties/late-twenties, their father, and two of their friends who all own a bar together in Phili. They are vain, egocentric, selfish people who will go to any end to get ahead, and yet always end up where they started from, leaving the watcher with a general feeling of karma in the world. You'll love to hate these characters.

Quick vote: It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia is crass, sacrilegious, and breaks all the rules. If you can stomach these flaws, you'll have a hilarious time watching it.

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