Monday, November 26, 2007

Books: Love in the Time of Cholera

This week, we've read Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marque. This novel was a beautiful exploration into the tragic end that is unrequited love. We also enjoyed A Hundred Years of Solitude by the same author, but this novel resonated in a more specific way in our lives.

Fermina Daza and Florentino Ariza have a brief stint during childhood in which they write love letters. Fermina moves on, marrying a prestigious doctor, Juvenal Urbino, and falling madly in love. Fermina and Juvenal have the kind of marriage that is adored by all those around them. They remain completely in love until old age eats at their brains and bodies. Juvenal dies in Fermina's arms with the words, "God only knows how much I loved you." And yet, Florentino Ariza never moves on from Fermina, following her throughout his life, and being tagged as a homosexual from his reluctance to wed. The book was beautiful.

(BTW, some may recall this as the book from the movie Serendipity in which she writes her name and phone number.)

Quick vote: This book was incredible. Recommended for all those interested in a romantic read with excellent writing.

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