Thursday, November 8, 2007

Movie: Running with Scissors

Thursdays are movie review days...

Having previously read the book of the same title by Augusten Burroughs, we dogs were excited to see this memoir hit the 'silver screen.' See, being bitches, we don't have much to keep up busy during the days but reading, watching tv and movies, and up-keeping our judgmental blog. Running with Scissors was a fascinating book into the lives of characters with mental illness (always a favorite with the Fawsons), and the people that try and help them. The film had a stunning cast list and was played in previews as a bizarre, hilarious film, reminiscent of The Royal Tannenbaums and the like. The film, though thought-provoking, was hardly hilarious. It was depressing, filled with schizophrenics and suicide attempts. It was devastating to watch the main character see everyone he cared for become ruined by mental disease.

Quick vote: This film IS NOT A COMEDY. But it was an interesting watch nonetheless.

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