Thursday, November 29, 2007

TV: Arrested Development

Today, we have to review one of our all time favorite TV shows, Arrested Development. The story line is, a family full of trust-funders falls into hard times when their father gets thrown into jail for shady business dealings and has to learn to deal with life on their own.

This is one of the most humorous tv shows that we have ever had the pleasure of watching. One thing has to be said about the show, however. Though this is one of the funniest shows we've ever viewed, we have a hard time contemplating how the show would ever work on the air. The show is riddled with serial inside jokes, hilarious when watching the DVD, but confusing and bizarre when viewed week by week, or even missing a week. So, huzzah for DVD's, or we would never know the wonders of the tremendous comedy styling of this cast.

Quick vote: A must watch! Literally, if you don't watch it, we will come and eat your furniture.

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