Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Music: ReLoad by Metallica

Alright, this is a very different album for us to listen to, but let us explain. Our mother spent a month this summer driving out to Dugway, a base in western Utah with a bunch of boys who loved music like Metallica. While she was out there, this specific album got stuck in her head, so she brought it home for us to listen to.

"Heavy rings hold cigarettes,
Up to lips that time forgets;
While the Hollywood sun sets behind your back.

And can't the band play on?
Just listen, they play my song.
Ash to ash.
Dust to dust.
Fade to black."
--The Memory Remains

"Hit dirt,
Shake tree.
Split sky,
Part sea."
--Carpe Diem Baby

Quick vote: This album is so hardcore it's around the bend and laughable again. We can't help but laughing while we sing along. Ironic music.

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