Monday, August 17, 2009

Books: Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Our mother and our uncle's book club read this book recently, Robinson Crusoe. Daniel Defoe wrote this book in 1719, and it has been a classic ever since. It is considered the first novel written in the English language, and so it is a little thick. We hadn't read a good aged classic for a few months, so it felt good to sink our teeth into an oldie but a goodie.

Robinson Crusoe is a book about a young man of the same name who sails off into the horizon to meet his destiny, but instead meets hardship and difficulties, eventually being stranded on a deserted island for years. The book is a great adventure tale, but surprisingly has serious religious elements. We really liked it, though it was a bit dry.

Quick vote: Know that it's not a quick and easy read, but we really enjoyed it. Who doesn't like a book with talking birds, cannibals, and inventions?!

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