Monday, August 31, 2009

Books: Helter Skelter by Vincent Bugliosi

This year marks the forty-year anniversary of the Manson murders. We realized that we didn't know a lot about the classic cult murders, so we picked up the book Helter Skelter, written by the head prosecutor about Charles Manson, his 'Family,' and the atrocities they commited.

This book was really well executed, and we appreciated that the funds went to the lead prosector, rather then a member of Manson's 'Family.' The subject matter was quite mature, but we felt the book approached the violence quite tastefully. We really liked reading about the strange mastermind, his 'Family' of followers, and the trial they underwent.

Quick vote: This book was really well written, and quite interesting. We recommend it to anyone who's interested in the subject, and who has the stomach for a bit of violence.

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