Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Music: Armchair Apocrypha by Andrew Bird

We have just gotten into Andrew Bird, and more specifically, his album Armchair Apocrypha. One thing we really love about this music, is the idea that Andrew did all of the music on it himself (and there are quite a few different instruments)!

"this isn’t your song
this isn’t your music
how can they be wrong
when by committee they choose it all?
they choose it all"
-- Plasticities

"Do you wonder where the self resides
Is it in your head or between your sides
And who will be the one who will decide
Its true location
And does the thought of bile that’s red and black
The thought of tongues that taste you back
Fill you with a nauseouseous sort of elation"
--Dark Matter

Quick vote: We're a big fan of this album. Check 'er out!

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