Friday, March 14, 2008

Blogs: Intentional Serendipity

We have several aunts and uncles, but only one of them has a blog, Aunt Didi! She has a lovely-lovely blog entitled Intentional Serendipity, in which she talks about things that happen to her, like skiing and our crazy Aunt Izzy.

"I take one solace in the fact that my mother loves [Izzy] more than she loves me: whenever I come running towards her, talking in a certain voice, she cowers. Because she knows I'm going to make her dance around and pretend to sing Broadway." --V Day

"So there was a professor this semester who made my life pretty terrible.

And I had a dream in which I killed him. And got away with it.

Apparently my subconscious is both vindictive and homicidal. That scares me a little."
--Killing Spree

Quick vote: We love reading the blogs of those we lick, and Dione is definitely one of those lickees.

1 comment:

Didi said...

Yay for the bitches!

Loads of love to the whole Fawson household from my heart.