Wednesday, February 6, 2008

TV: Exteme Makeover - Home Edition

This is one of the few television shows that is still pumping out new shows due to the writer's strike. Therefore, it has become on of our favorites (we're growing quite tired of ridiculous reality shows, and only the tried and true is even worth our time).

The premise of the show, is sad and destitute people send in tapes about how crappy their house is, and the producers choose the crappiest house with the saddest story and the cutest family. Then a bunch of people show up and build them a brand new beautiful house for free. In a week's time. It's pretty darn cheesy, but also pretty fun to watch them build the houses....

Quick vote: The host (Ty) is perhaps the least genuine person on television today. Other than that, the show's pretty cool.

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