Saturday, February 2, 2008

Politics: Decision 2008

This past year has been very fascinating to us. We sit at home watching tv and reading all day and we've become very interested in the Presidential run this year. So in honor of the upcoming Super Tuesday, we're going to each talk about who we're voting for and why.

Maggie: I am definitely a conservative canine. In watching the different Republican candidates, we've been disappointed in the lack of a truly fiscal conservative. So, we've followed the route of our father, and looked to the Libertarian in the midst. Though the gold standard idea seems a tad ridiculous, some other of the Texan's policies seem quite fascinating. He favors brown religious doggies and his dog park platform is an incredible piece of legislation. Viva la Revolution!

Sammi: I am a doggie interested in change. The war in Iraq implicated lots of canines that have been put in danger in the Middle East, and I personally am very against it! We need some fresh blood in the White House, someone who will bring equal rights to the doggies, especially the gray ones!!! This is why I'm voting for Barak Obama (if I can sneak into the voting booths...), and electing for CHANGE!!!!

Quick vote: Decide for yourself, but remember the doggies!

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