Thursday, February 21, 2008

Movie: Amelie

We just finished watching Amelie, a French film that we have seen before, but that we fall more in love with each time we view it. Amelie is an introverted girl who lives a small, solitary life in Paris, afraid to reach out to those around her. Then one day she stumbles upon a small boy's buried treasure and makes an effort to return the prize to the boy, now a grown man. This experience teaches her how rewarding it is to reach out and change people's lives for the better, which leads her down a slippery-slope of good deeds.

But our favorite aspect of the film, is the love story. In the course of her adventures, Amelie runs across Nino; an eccentric introvert like herself who collects discarded photo booth pictures. Amelie must overcome her shyness to intersect her path with the perfect man.

Quick vote: We love this film. You MUST watch it (or we will bite you...).

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