Wednesday, January 9, 2008

TV: Grey's Anatomy

As dogs that no longer have their "girl parts," we have a great need for steamy romance in our lives. Our parents have doomed us to a life of spinster-hood, though it's also a life full of deliciouses. We digress. Shows like Grey's Anatomy fill a void in our lives. We love our stories!

Grey's in a nutshell: Six surgical interns start their residency at a top hospital in Seattle. They are busy trying to save people's lives and get laid simultaneously. If it weren't for an occasional medical scene, this would be a full-fledged soap opera. As it is, it's a medical drama with more drama then seems possible.

Quick vote: We sure hope that our vets are not as concerned with their love lives as these surgeons. We'd be afraid for our lives.

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