Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Music: Outer South by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band

We really like the band, Bright Eyes, and we've been listening to their music for several years now. We were quite surprised to hear that Conor Oberst, the singer of Bright Eyes, had struck off on his own, so we picked up his new album with the Mystic Valley Band. The band is labeled as alternative country, which seems a fair descriptor. The indie has gone so far, it's become country, fine by us.

"Pharoah woke from a bad dream,
Splashed some water on his face.
When it's a matter of nightmares you had better ask a slave.
And he may tell you a famine's coming,
Or he may look away.
If he's kind then return it,
Let him lick your plate."
--To All the Lights in the Windows

"Dementia, you better treat me good.
The human race is in its second childhood.
I never loved, but I understood.
Oh dementia, you better treat me good."
-- Slowly

Quick vote: This album is awesome. We thought we liked Bright Eyes, but that is nothing compared to

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