Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Movie: Mamma Mia!

We had heard both good and bad things about the movie Mamma Mia, so we were excited to finally see the movie based on the Broadway musical based on the best of ABBA hits. Everyone we talked to was right; the movie was incredibly cheesy, and yet we really liked it. So we guess it's just dependent on your tolerance for lameness.

Sophie is about to get married on a little Greek island, and she wants her father to be there to give her away. So she invites the three men that could have been her father to her wedding without telling her mother. As the father candidates show up she realizes that each of them have their own great qualities, and maybe she doesn't want to have to choose between them. We would have chosen a few less songs and cut the time some, but it was still pretty great.

Quick vote: It's a love story, a musical, a great location, good cinematography... As long as you can stomach the cheesy plot and don't mind incessant singing, it's great!

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Lisa said...

Escuze Me..but me and da whole famwee watcheed dis wif deedee wast week wen mama was broken an Deedee maded dindin. Yit was sooo noice! I wuved it! Even Daddydeno sanged awong. Wuv Waunt Izzy!

ps..mama came home smewwing wike ye and I knowed ye aww hanged out wifout me. Dat not noice!