Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Current Events: Octuplets

When we first heard about Nadya Suleman and her eight babies we were like, "So what? Dogs have litters that size all of the time, it's nothing to write home about." Then after our extensive television viewing on the subject (The Today Show, and Dateline to name a few.), we realized that evidentially humans don't usually have litters that size, and in fact this is the first successful birth of eight human babies. We're not experts or anything, but that doesn't seem very evolutionarily advantageous...

This picture (supposedly taken eight days before the eight babies were cut out of her belly) truly demonstrates how wrong this is. Basically, we think that somewhere something went serious wrong. We're not sure where the fault lies, but ultimately the fertility doctor should be blamed for this transgression against nature. And who will pay for this travesty? The fourteen children that have to eke their way into society on government welfare (Despite her claims that she won't take welfare, she took disability payments and food stamps.), and a fraction of the love they ought to have received from their parents.

Quick vote: Somewhere the system broke down, and we're not necessarily blaming her, but we do think that she is a psychopath. It saddens us that an event like this is possible, and that fourteen human children will suffer because of it.

Aunt Annie's 2 Cents: I can't have puppies because I don't have any girl parts anymore.

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Kris said...

Oh my goodness, I hadn't seen that picture. That woman will always have stretch marks down to her toes...maybe that's what happened to her lips!